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Bride Plus 6 More Services

Bride plus 6 additional makeup or hair services.

  • 6 hours 30 minutes
  • 1,700 US dollars

About This Package

This package includes makeup and hair for the bride plus 6 additional (makeup or hair) services for members of the bridal party. (e.g. bridesmaids, mother of bride, etc.) Think of it like the bride plus three members makeup and hair. Or, you can choose to divvy up the 6 additional services. (ex: all 6 services can be hair) Please notify A.N. Artistry prior to wedding day of your choice for scheduling purposes. Includes: Bride wedding day makeup and hair service. Bride wedding day makeup and hair service takes 2 hours. Bride wedding day makeup and hair service costs $500. Bridal party 6 additional makeup or hair services of your choice. Bridal party services take 45 minutes each. (6 x 45 = 4.5 hours total) Bridal party services cost $200 each. (6 x 200 = $1,200 total) $250 Deposit paid now reserves your wedding day. Select your preferred artist at checkout. The remaining balance is paid in-person on wedding day in cash or digital payments Zelle or Venmo to the on-site Master Artist. You are responsible for the total remaining payment on behalf of all members of the party. If you choose, you can have each member reimburse you separately. 45 minutes buffer time is added to accommodate for 15 minute early arrival setup, 15 minute touch-up time for all at the end, and 15 minute breakdown time at the end. 1 master artist from the A.N. Artistry Team will travel on-site to your desired makeup and hair prep location. If you decide to add an additional artist, you must purchase an additional outside of this transaction for an additional fee of $500. Long-lasting Airbrush makeup and individual or strip false eyelashes are included for all services.

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