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What to Expect

Your Bridal Experience

Your bridal hair and makeup experience is characterized by seamless communication, where we attentively listen to your vision and preferences. We will collaborate with you to create personalized looks that enhances natural beauty, exudes confidence, and lasts flawlessly throughout the wedding day, leaving you and your bridal party feeling both radiant and comfortable as you celebrate your special moments.

Spa-like Skincare Ritual

We understand the importance of glowing skin. That's why we offer a full skincare wardrobe for brides and members of the bridal party to ensure everyone looks and feels their best. Our services include a luxurious facial massage to relax and rejuvenate the skin, a glow facial mask to brighten and hydrate, precise brow tweezing and trimming for perfectly groomed brows, body makeup to even out skin tone and hide any imperfections, and TEMPTU Airbrush foundation for a flawless and long-lasting finish. We will help you achieve the radiant and flawless look you've always dreamed of for your special day.

Airbrush Foundation

We use Temptu airbrush makeup for a flawless and long-lasting foundation. Airbrush makeup provides a lightweight and natural look, with buildable coverage that can be customized to your preferences. It's known for its durability, making it suitable for a wedding day where longevity and a photogenic finish are essential. Additionally, airbrush makeup often feels comfortable on the skin and is resistant to factors like sweat and tears, ensuring a beautiful and lasting bridal makeup application.

Airbrush makeup application

Individual False Eyelashes

When it comes to your bridal experience, individual cluster eyelashes can make a huge difference in enhancing your overall look. These eyelashes are perfect for brides who want to achieve a natural yet glamorous look on their special day. Individual cluster eyelashes are applied using a special adhesive that allows them to stay in place for the entire day. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you won't even notice that they are there. These eyelashes can be customized to your desired length and volume, so you can achieve the exact look you want for your wedding day. 

Hairstyling With Blowouts & Hot Curl Sets

To ensure that your hair looks flawless on your wedding day, we start by incorporating a blowout to add volume and shine to your hair, making it look healthy and vibrant. After the blowout, we move on to the hot curl set, which involves using a curling iron to create beautiful curls or waves in your hair. This step adds dimension and texture to your hairstyle, ensuring that it looks elegant and sophisticated.

Whether you prefer a classic up-do, a romantic half-up-do, or an all-down style, we have the expertise and skills to make it happen. Trust us to create a long-lasting hairstyle that will withstand the emotions and activities of your wedding day, so you can focus on enjoying every moment without worrying about your hair.

  • Styles for thick, medium, and thin hair.

  • Long-lasting waves and curls.

  • Viel pinning.


Add-on Services

  • Flower girl glam: light hairstyling and makeup application.

  • Gentlemen’s Grooming: brows, hair, and light makeup.

  • Early morning: arrival fees per artist.

  • Parking, Bridge toll, and Valet fees per artist.

  • Travel fee: for destination weddings.

  • Touch-ups: Touch-ups and look changes.

  • Rehearsal dinner and additional events.

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